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Welcome to Gifted Kids Care Centre

Creating a Nurturing and Inclusive Learning Environment


A specialized educational institution exclusively designed for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our goal is to empower children with autism to reach their full potential, narrowing the gap of mainstream schooling and promoting their overall well-being and success.


Our approach at Gifted Kids Care Centre is centred around individualized education plans tailored to each student’s unique needs, backed by evidence-based programs. We prioritize the development of essential life skills alongside academic growth, creating a nurturing environment that fosters social, emotional, and academic success. We collaborate closely with families, involving them in the educational process and maintaining open communication


At Gifted Kids Care Centre, we value the partnership between our team and families. Our team actively engages with parents and guardians, fostering open communication and collaboration. This collaborative effort ensures that our individualized education plans and support align with the goals and aspirations of each student and their family. Together, we work towards empowering children with autism to reach their full potential, creating a positive and transformative educational experience that makes a lasting difference in their lives.